Important Rules



28 May 2017 at GRAND EPOCH CITY

Official after party at club Lantern (100m North to Worker's Stadium West Gate), 50 rmb with INTRO tickets to after party at club Lantern, at door 100 rmb.


1. 请带着愉快的心情参加音乐节

1. Bring your happy face!

2. 请事先打印好您的电子票(携带有效身份证明)

2. Print your e-ticket

3. 来宾需年满十八周岁,身体健康

3. Age 18 + & Healthy(don't forget your ID)

4. 听从现场工作人员、安保人员指令

4. Always follow the instructions of our staff, security, parking and emergency services personnel

5. 现场售票仅收现金/微信支付,不可退票

5. Cash/Wechat Pay only for entrance at door, tickets are not refundable

6. 门票仅限一人一次入场有效,如中途退场,需另行购票进入

6. NO Ins & Outs for all ticket holders

7. 入场须接受安全检查,不得携带易燃、易爆、管制刀具等违禁物品及外带食品饮料

7. Everyone subject to security check upon entry, no prohibited items, drinks & food allowed

8. 本活动禁止携带、吸食任何毒品及违禁类药品

8. No Drugs Allowed

9. 现场食品、饮料和纪念品销售只接受现金手环支付,手环可现场充值

9. Food/Beverage /Drinks & other items available at the wristband recharge center

10. 现场禁止攀爬,违者后果自负

10. No climbing up/ jumping off the settings, injury at one’s own risk

11. 请保管好随身物品

11. Please keep your belongings

12. 参加本次活动请随身携带有效身份证件

12. Please bring photo ID in case of emergency

13. 本活动一切声音、影像资料版权,最终解释权归“INTRO电子音乐节”组委会所有

13. Copyright for all audio/visual footage taken at site of the festival are reserved for INTRO organizer.

See you on May 28th 2017!