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  • Date:May 28, 2017
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MikeQ, (Formally DJ MikeQ) one of the leading figures of the East Coast's long-running (but still largely underground) ballroom/vogue-house scene. Based in New Jersey, the 26-year-old producer is not only one of the most in-demand ballroom DJs, but he also heads up his own Qween Beat Team and turns out a steady stream of vogue and ballroom tracks, re-edits, and remixes. (XLR8R)

MikeQ gained love for the ballroom scene and its music in 2003 after being exposed to it at a local NJ party spot at the age Of 17, Seeing the artistic dance known as “vogue” and the catchy beats the irregular movements are executed to, he immediately fell in love with it. Made famous by Masters At Work, “The Ha Dance” a tune sampled by the duo from the 1985 Eddie Murphy movie “Trading Places” it is one of the most played and remixed tune within the ballroom scene. His Sudden love took him on a search to find more of the music which led him to a Harlem club where he got more of an official look into the scene and eventually started to  teach himself how to recreate these tunes that
he loved to hear with his own twist.

In 2004 through friendships with the DJ’s and promoters MikeQ’s remixes started to get play at the club as well as gaining the likes of the ballroom scene through the internet on a ballroom forum, from there people started buying his mixtape cds as well as contacting him for personal mixes to use at balls called “Productions” and In the 2005 is when he officially started DJ’ing and got his first residency in NJ, soon followed by another in Harlem, the first two places he was ever exposed to.

Today In 2011 Ballroom Music is at a sure rise From the Likes of Kingdom, Bok Bok, Diplo and many other great producers & DJ’s, MikeQ has played at a number of clubs & balls across the US In States Like NJ, NY, PA, CT, ATL, FL, IL, CA, DC, MD & NC And Soon Overseas. MikeQ has produced over 20 ballroom mixtapes and is soon to release music Officially on “Fade To Mind November 22nd 2011 & Mad Decent soon after”.

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