INTRO FESI. Kristian Zinnack


  • Location:Grand Epoch City, Xianghe Economic-Technological Development Area,
    Beijing China
  • Date:May 28, 2017
  • Time:12:30 PM

From its groundbreaking debut in 2009, INTRO has successfully established itself as the pioneering electronic music festival that China was crying out for. An annual showcase of the best of China’s thriving electronic music scene, INTRO rallies electronic music lovers from around the globe to the pulse of the world’s most exciting emerging electronic mecca....

As the festival’s motto – “Ideas Need To Reach Out” – lays plain, INTRO is a platform for expressing our belief in music’s vital potential for connecting people, and is a showcase supporting innovation in electronic music and digital art. INTRO is run by people who love life, music, freedom, art and alternative culture, for people who share that passion.

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Intro Festival 2017

Grand Epoch City, Xianghe Economic-Technological Development Area

Beijing China

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